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Why Hire a Handyman Service?

Sometimes you just need to get the job done but don't have the time.  It can also be expensive to buy the tools just for one repair. What about the green waste you need to get rid of?  It would be nice if you had a trailer or ute but there are larger ongoing costs associated with these things and getting someone in for a specific job or task can be more economical.   Wouldn't it be nice if you could hire or rent a hubby to perform a chore then send them on their way?   Our handyman service has over 30 years experience making improvements, modifications and repairs to home and office spaces
"We are polite and courteous; our pricing is fair and we always clean up after ourselves before we go"
Here at Home and Garden Maintenance we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We service the area between Geelong and Colac and everywhere in between. Do you need help around the house? Either indoors our outside we can help

Home Maintenance

Your home needs regular maintenance. It’s your biggest financial investment and there’s always something that needs fixing; from painting exterior or interior, filling holes in walls, fitting smoke alarms, concreting, adjusting doors, refurbishing outdoor decks and more. We can also fix fences and gates, re-grout tiles and plane doors which have become stuck.

We are professional at what we do and work closely with our customers to make sure they get the service that they expect.

Carpentry and Woodworking

Here at Home and Gardening Maintenance we have a wealth of handyman experience repairing and restoring existing features in homes and small businesses around the Winchelsea area. From Geelong to Colac we've got you covered! Derek is a qualified cabinet maker with over 30 years’ experience. Whether you are looking to repair a balcony, deck area, timber flooring or skirting we’ve got you covered. We also build fences and balustrades for pool, yard and verandah solutions. We can build, repair, install and maintain just about anything around your home or office.

House Painting

If you are looking for a room makeover, or perhaps just a fresh coat of paint then Derek is the man for you. Perhaps you want to update your colour scheme, repair a few knocks in the wall or even take a wall out? We can install new wall sections with plaster, skirting and architraves so it will look like a part of the house. Our handyman painting service includes preparation, repairs and application of the right type of paint. Unlike most tradies we always clean up after ourselves.

Boundary and Safety Fencing

There are many different things to consider when building a fence. Often boundary markers need to be identified and adhered to. If it’s for safety around a pool or spa then building codes also need to be understood. We build quality fences to last a long time. Sturdy and strong they will keep kids and pets in while keeping strangers out. Any fence needs a gate and we know how to build gates with minimal sag over time. Our handyman service can build you any different style of fence from your standard boundary fence to a picket fence, wire fence or colourbond fence.
We can also help you with your painting requirements, cabinet making, and gardening/landscaping.
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