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We know it’s a big statement but we believe we offer the best painting service around. Its more than just slapping on a coat of paint. Our high level of personal service, attention to detail and the quality of products we use all combine to make what we do the best you can expect. From interior to exterior, garden settings, pergolas, patio areas and more. We can paint just about anything and cover all areas between Geelong and Colac.

Exterior House Paint Surface Preparation

When it comes to painting your house there isn’t much we don’t know. A lot of it comes down to preparation and the very last thing we do is paint. We will replace and prime any rotten timber. Scrape away any loose or peeling paint and sand these surfaces smooth. Thoroughly clean the surface to remove any mould or mildew then repair any imperfections and caulk any cracks to stop water damage. If the previous surface is good enough, we clean it before applying the paint.

Best Time to Paint the Exterior Walls

It’s true that in the Geelong/Colac area we get some very nice winter days but they are also very short and don’t leave a lot of time for fresh paint to dry before the sun goes down. If the paint doesn't have enough time to dry before sun down there is a risk that the cold damp air could cause discolouration and even reduce the strength by causing bubbling.  For a better result we prefer to do exterior painting between September and May of the year, small jobs are an exception.  Check with us as seasonal variations can mean exceptions are possible. 

How to prepare an interior wall for painting

Interior walls have the benefit of being protected from the wind and rain. To prepare an interior wall for new paint we need to dust down and clean the wall, but do this last just before you are ready to paint. Now is also a good time to plug any holes that may exist. For most wall surfaces a damp towel or vacuum cleaner will do the job. When cleaning a bathroom or kitchen wash the walls with a solution of 3 teaspoons of laundry detergent to 3 litres of water. This will cut through mould and grease. Scrape away any cracked or flaking paint with a paint scraper and be sure to apply some primer to these areas after sanding.

We Use the Best Quality Paint

There is no point doing a job if you aren’t going to do it right. That’s why we use quality exterior paint products that last a long time. Its true that your exterior paint work is going to need a fresh coat sooner than the interior wall or ceiling. And we know how expensive it is to get your house painted. But while cheap paint will save you some money in the short term, your house will need repainting sooner. Instead, let us guide you on the best products to use that might cost a little bit more now but will save you a lot down the track.
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